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How to Make Scones


How to make scones, the most favorite pastime for many English people, is a matter of personal choice. Scones that taste good are usually the result of mixing different types of pastry ingredients together with varying degrees of flour, salt and baking powder. It takes a bit of practice and patience but can be a very rewarding experience. This article covers the basics of making scones.

The basic recipe for how to make scones depends on the type of mixture you use. If you are using the flour, baking soda and butter method then you just need to combine all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, and then add in the liquid ingredients. When mixing the dry ingredients together, make sure that you stir them very gently as they might break down in the mixing bowl. Once all the dry ingredients are mixed well, it’s time to add the wet ingredients.

Scone recipes start off with the best scones but for a really good tasting result, you might like to try some different types of pastry dough. Scones that are made from whole wheat flour or almond flour are particularly nice. If you are looking for a lighter, less heavy scone, then you might also want to try using almond butter, a light brown sugar crumb mix or even brown sugar. You can also make scones with a shortbread crust, which is quite similar to the classic English crust, only it has a fluffier texture and uses nuts instead of pastry dough.

How to Make Scones

How to make scones in the English cooking tradition also calls for different kinds of fillings. For example, you can do a traditional apple pie recipe with biscuit mixture, blueberries and cranberries or you could do a scone recipe with blueberry scones and apple cider vinegar. You can choose a fill that is close to the flavor of what you are using to bake with and experiment with different fillings until you find one that works well with your recipe.

When you are baking scones, you will need to use a hot oven. For that reason, you should make sure to have all of your baking tools ready in advance. That means, if you have an electric pastry pan, an oven thermometer and the ingredients for your scones listed, you will not have any problems. However, if you are baking a traditional buttery scone recipe, you should probably be prepared to spend some time in the kitchen. You will need to add butter, lard or vegetable fat if your recipe calls for it and then brown the mixture until it begins to turn golden brown. Once you have browned the bottom of the scone, turn the oven off and let the scone cool on a wire rack.

When you want to finish cooking your scones, preheat the oven and put the pan on the middle rack of the oven. Use a wet towel to prevent the scones from burning when they come out of the oven. Wait for the scones to finish baking and when you smell the crumbly bottom of the scones, they are ready to serve. They will be light, flaky and fresh from the oven.


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